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World Class Dance Policies

Our dance season runs September – June with an annual performance at the end of our season. Dance education is a commitment from both students and parents. Our dancers learn a great deal of technique in the first half of the season and begin to learn their performance routines in January. Enrollment and transferring classes closes for the season November 1st. This allows our classes to continue to grow together at their appropriate level, and to eliminate late enrollees from feeling discouraged about starting lessons later than their classmates. There is a minimum of 4 dancers per class. If there are less than 4 dancers enrolled in a class, we will ask you to move to a day/time that best fits both your needs and the needs of our school.

There is a $30 non-refundable yearly (July-June) registration/insurance fee per student. 

Discounts: Enroll in one dance class – you pay full tuition amount. Each additional dance class is 10% off. All Siblings classes are also 10% off. WCD Parents may take lessons for just $25 per month! *NEW DISCOUNT POLICIES BEGAN 7/1/2019 and apply to all those registered for our summer 2019 and 2019-2020 dance season. 

Tuition: We require every family to have a credit card on file that will be automatically charged for their tuition on the 1st of every month October-June. (September is paid in full at the time of registration). Tuition must be paid on or before the first of the month. The second week of non-payment each month will result in a non-refundable late fee of $20 that will be added to your account. Tuition must be paid on time before a dancer is allowed to continue class participation. Classes meet once per week. Registration fees, tuition payments, costume fees, and recital fees are non-refundable.   

Drop Fee: In the matter of dropping classes completely and not finishing out the dance season, it is mandatory to fill out a drop form with our front desk staff. Dropping after December 1st results in a $25 drop fee. There are no refunds to your monthly tuition regardless of the date of dropping a class. You must drop before the first of the month to avoid the auto-pay for the next month.

2021-2022 Fees: 

30 minute class: $48/mo * 45 minute class: $55/mo * 1 hr class: $60/mo *1.5 hr class: $100/mo

September’s tuition is due at time of registration. If your dancer may need new dance shoes for September, please visit one of our open houses/registrations to have your dancer sized for shoes to ensure their shoe order is placed before classes begin in September. Those interested in any level of Dance Team must have current (tap & ballet) experience, and all team members are by invitation/recommendation of the director only.

We always begin our students in their current age group. However, during the month of September, our instructors will evaluate each dancer’s ability and may suggest a more suitable/advanced level for a dancer. We strive to always encourage our students to work hard and feel proud of their accomplishments.

Check In: We have a policy that each child needs to be checked in at the desk by an adult whether you will be staying in our waiting room or dropping off the child at the door. (Students ages 2-6 years old must have a parent stay in the building in case your child needs to use the restroom. Our staff cannot take students to the restroom). This check in procedure is for the safety of your child as well as the opportunity to address any tuition issues or questions we may have. Checking in allows us to avoid posting late fees if we have a problem with a credit card on file. We can rectify an account issue in a timely manner and avoid unnecessary fees.

Observation/Performance Days: We will have 1 Observation/Performance week in October, January and March throughout the dance season. During these weeks, the last 10 minutes parents, friends, & family may come and watch their dancer “perform” what they have been learning. Cameras and Videos ARE allowed! This is a very exciting day for the dancers and gives them great practice having an audience and preparing for our recital. *Dancers must wear any World Class Dance apparel on all observation days.  

Proper Dance Attire/Shoes: Dancers are required to wear WORLD CLASS DANCE APPAREL! Tights must be worn with leotards or bike shorts. Acro & Cheerleading classes are the only exception for bare legs. WCD Leggings or sweatpants are acceptable for non ballet classes. Jeans, school/play clothes, dress/skirts and jewelry are NOT permitted. Long hair should be pulled back and off the face. Proper dance shoes must be worn and purchased through World Class Dance. Write your dancers name inside all their dance shoes, and their belongings.

Costumes: All performers will have to purchase 1 costume for each class, performance tights and a performance shirt. Costume payments are due no later than December 15th. Costumes are ordered over Holiday break. Dancers will be sized during class the first week in December. Costumes are non-refundable and fees do not include any possible alterations. Costumes are ordered larger than measured to ensure room for growth and are always appropriate for children/teens! Dancers will also be required to wear their performance shirt to our mandatory finale/recital rehearsals.  

Keeping Connected: Our monthly newsletters provide important information about our school; such as important dates, reminders, deadlines, special events, performances and more. A Hard Copy will be posted on our information board at the studio, emailed to you (please make sure we have your email updated) as well as on our website ( Make sure to “Like” us on Facebook for the most up to date information. We strive to keep connected with all of our families. Please speak to your instructor or our desk staff if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or anything you believe is important for us know about your dancer. (shy, scared, personal/family struggles…). Knowing a little bit about our dancers is always helpful in how we interact with our students individually.

Closings: If Shenendehowa Central Schools are closed due to inclement weather conditions then all morning and afternoon classes will be cancelled. Check our website and Facebook (Social Media) to see if evening classes (4pm and later) will be cancelled or if we will be open. There are NO make- up classes for inclement weather. 

Make up Policy: There are NO dance make up classes for a student’s absence. Each class is at a different level and learns different choreography. If an INSTRUCTOR is unable to provide a substitute teacher, then that instructor will provide a makeup class and provide you with a date and time that does not interfere with regular scheduled classes. 

Attendance: In order to participate in the recital, attendance is crucial after January. It is at the discretion of the director to decide if a dancer who has missed multiple classes can participate in the recital. Recital costume fees, etc. are non-refundable.


We have added the necessary guidelines & policies to ensure a happy, healthy environment for everyone. Please discuss and review these new policies with your dancer and consider if your dancer is able to adhere to our physical distancing and safety policies prior to registration.

*Only Dancers & Staff are permitted in the facility. Check in/out will be set up at the front door.

*Each week at check in your dancer will have their temperature taken and a parent/guardian must complete & sign students wellness form. (any temp over 100.4 no entry permitted & 24-hour wellness standards upon entering the facility. This applies to students & staff)

*Prompt check in & Pick up are required. No late check ins will be allowed.

*Dancers & Staff are to wear masks at all times, other than during instruction while in the dance room.

*Upon entry, with mask on, each dancer will be assigned a “special dance number”. They will go to their dance chair in the lobby, with their labeled dance bag and wait for instructor to escort them onto the dance floor.

*Dancers will place their belongings in their designated spot, take off their masks & place into their own ZIP-LOCK bag that must have their name on it, and put in their bag. If a dancer/parent prefer student to wear mask that is acceptable.

*Dancers will stay and take instruction in their assigned dance square which will have their special dance number as well.

*Only ONE class will be instructed at a time and all scheduled classes are with Miss Erica, for at least the first two weeks of reopening. Class sizes will be smaller that normal max capacity.

*Water fountain will be closed, so please bring a labeled water bottle.

*Our single restroom will remain open for one person at a time. Restroom/Locker-room will be closed so dancers please arrive in proper dance attire ready to dance.

*Cleaning stations will be set up throughout our facility. Dance rooms, rest rooms & lobby will be sanitized in between classes and deep clean each evening. Proper sanitizing of hands for all will be done before and after class.

*Staff will have very little to no physical contact with a student. No partnering with others is permitted at this time.

*Any student who develops unhealthy symptoms or unable to adhere to the physical distancing policies must be picked up promptly.

*Dance Shoes: Please wear what you currently have. Bare feet or socks are acceptable for jazz/ballet. Sneakers for hip-hop. If first time tappers you can go online a purchase black buckle strap tap shoe. No bow tie tap shoes. We will not begin sizing for dance shoes until August for our fall season.

*Please be patient with our staff, other families and your dancer. For this is very new for all of us and policies or guidelines could change weekly even daily. 

Thank You for coming back & supporting our small business. Your dedication & participation is what will keep us in business.

There is a $30 non-refundable yearly registration/insurance fee per student.

Tuition is auto withdrawal on the first of each month.