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At World Class Dance our students are taught proper technique and terminology in every style and every class right from the beginning while experiencing     


Creative Movement: Ages 2-3 ½: These dancers are introduced to various types of music and fun movement which helps create a positive image and experience. They begin to learn basic dance “manners”: taking turns, sharing with and clapping for friends, making fun formations and dance lines as they Move and Groove and begin pre-ballet and basic jazz steps. We focus on body awareness & use of correct terminology. This class is a GREAT preparation for our 3 1/5 – 5 year old combination class. *This is NOT a parent participation class. However, 1 Parent may help your dancer participate if needed. Once your dancer is comfortable without parent, we ask parents to stay out of the room and off the dance floor. Our Creative Movement dancers perform 1 class routine & our company finale’ in our end of year recital. (Must be age 2 by Sept)

Tap-Jazz-Ballet Combo: Ages 3 ½-5: These dancers are introduced to basic tap, jazz and ballet dancing., continuing to focus on terminology, choreography and most of all: FUN! This class is specifically for those students who are in pre-school and already familiar with a classroom environment. This is the next level for our previous Creative Movement dancers and a perfect match for our World Class Gymnastics “Gym Kids/Gym Kids 2” students. *This is NOT a parent participation class. These dancers perform 1 tap and 1 ballet or jazz routine with their class and participate in our company finale’ in our end of year recital. (Must be 3 ½ by September)

Tap: Tap dancers wear fitted shoes with metal taps on the heels and toes of the shoe. Our tap dancer’s utilize a lot of syncopation creating great rhythms with their feet tapping, sliding and clicking of their shoes. In classical tap – the dancer’s entire body moves along with their feet with very showy stylized movements such as you see in Broadway tap. Hoofing – focuses on the movements of the dancer’s feet, keeping their upper bodies still. Our dancers are exposed to many forms of tap styles, and music, and truly enjoy making music with their feet.    

Jazz: A range of lively body movement and percussion techniques with a mix of tap steps, social dancing, and ballet. Some forms of jazz are the Charleston, swing, and rock and roll. Jazz is extremely popular in musical theater to help express storylines and entertain the audience. In our jazz classes these dancers practice executing their leaps, jumps, & turns. Many forms music such as blues, jazz, Broadway, theater, hip-hop, pop and funk will be used in our jazz classes. 

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance! It is a very formal and strict type of technique/style, which is typically performed to classical music. It is important that our students learn & understand their correct body alignment; proper stretching, turnout and positions which help prevent injury, and increase flexibility. These dancers also practice grace and precision.

Pointe: Pointe is ballet dancing on the “Tips of the Toes”. These dancers wear special Pointe Shoes which are fitted with a thick, reinforced toe to enable the ballet dancer to toe dance. These well trained ballet dancers must continue to take our ballet and Leaps & Turns classes. Our students must either have previous Pointe experience or recommended/approved by Miss Tanya.

Lyrical: This style combines elements of ballet, modern & jazz. This form of movement is faster than ballet, but slower than jazz. Lyrical is performed to express strong emotions such as love, joy, and anger. Music with powerful lyrics is chosen to inspire the dancer(s) to express themselves in a range of strong emotions. Our students are encouraged to share “their story”.

Modern: A style of dancing that is not as restricted as classical ballet. Modern favors movements derived from expression of an inner feeling. Modern is a more relaxed atmosphere then ballet and these dancers dance barefoot. Our dancers learn to use gravity and their own body weight to enhance movement. Modern focuses on basic human movement, concentrating on the movements of contraction and release. Our modern dancers learn to partner and trust their classmates in their movements. These dancers express some of their innermost emotions. This style can be choreographed to music with or without lyrics.

Contemporary: A collection of methods and techniques found in ballet, modern, postmodern and many other dance techniques. This intricate and physical style changes levels and direction quickly and fluidly. This style occasionally deals with abstract concepts, images and/or emotional extremes and is present, which sets it apart from classical ballet or Broadway Jazz. Contemporary has been known to be called or labeled as the “new modern”.

Pop & Hip-Hop: This popular style originated from street dancing and includes a wide variety of styles such as breaking, popping & locking, which was created by dance “crews”. Hip-Hop dance was typically a freestyle form then combined with rap music. Our students learn real hip hop with age appropriate music and choreography. Hip-Hop dance is also becoming popular in other music genres, which our students are exposed to as well. Our Pop classes include basic Hip-Hop movements and music with some Jazz-Funk and a little attitude!

*Miss Erica has been awarded and is known throughout our community and capital region as a “real hip-hop dancer/choreographer” who has instructed hundreds of students in many local schools, as well as choreographed hip-hop routines and performed for professional football and basketball leagues. Miss Erica’s hip-hop classes pure Hip-Hop and always ton of fun! The official SHENENDEHOWA Middle Schools & High Schools Hip-Hop Special Guest Instructor, since 2006!      

Musical Theater: Sing-Act-Dance: Focus will be on creating a fun and creative environment for the students to express themselves in relatively new & many dance styles, as well as vocally in some of the group numbers. The repertoire will range from early music theater to shows currently on Broadway and all of the loved musicals in between. These students will practice projecting their stage voices and remembering lines from various snip-its. They will learn to “act” and play their character as they sing and dance. All levels of enthusiasm are welcome, and every week the students will further develop their own unique performance personality and let it shine!

Acro-Dance & Cheer Combo: This combination focuses is on flexibility, body alignment and acrobatic & tumbling skills including but not limited to: jumps, leaps, splits, forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, front & back walk over’s, aerials, handsprings, back tucks, partnering acrobatic tricks and more. This helps our dancers in all areas of dance techniques and styles. Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Pop and Hip-Hop dance techniques are taught as well.

These students will learn our own WCD Cheers and chants, Pyramids, lifts & drops. These performers will incorporate both their dance and acro/tumbling skills together in their routines. 

Irish Step: A style of dance with its roots in traditional Irish dance. It can be performed solo or by troupes. Two types of shoes are worn; hard shoes, which make sounds similar to tap shoes, and soft shoes, which are similar to ballet slippers or Jazz shoes Dancers stiffen their upper bodies while performing quick, intricate footwork.

POM: These dancers experience jazz, pop or hip-hop, ballet & lyrical technique while dancing with pom poms making formations and designs with their poms. In addition to kicklines, leaps, jumps and turns.

 DANCE TEAMS: Please visit our Dance Team page for more info.

We teach our students to “feel the beat” - not just move their feet.